Are you willing to relocate?
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Well this question is pretty self-explanatory.


The answers are: yes, no, to some extent.


To start with it depends what kind of job you are applying for.


An international sales manager role might require lots of travelling and saying here you hate travelling is obviously bad.


Once again saying that you LOVE LOVE LOVE travelling while applying for a secretarial job with no travel might not be helpful at all.


The point here is that you should just be honest.


If you want to travel, then mention it. If you don’t, mention that too, but maybe say why you don't like to. For example, because of you family you don’t want to travel too much.


If you don’t mind some travel say that too. For example, I don’t mind some travel if it is needed for business reasons but prefer to make the biggest impact at my desk together with my team.


Conclusion: Be honest and answer nicely what you think and want.


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Are you willing to relocate?

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