Can you explain why you changed career paths?

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This concerns many of us. We might have one career path in mind when we are twenty-five and have recently graduated from university, but a completely different one when we are approaching fifty.


However, what is the best way to talk about changing career paths during an interview in order to still come across as a reliable potential-employee?


First of all, changing career paths is not as uncommon as it used to be.


People are moving in and out of jobs much more frequently than in the past. With the rise of new technology, there are completely new jobs on the market which did not exist a few years ago.


A good idea here is to use this question in order to show that, while you can be versatile and flexible in your career path, you have a long term career goal that you are aiming for.


After all, a good recruiter will try to find out if you are likely to change your mind again once they offer you a job.


Let them know that they can count on you.



Another important thing is to not forget to use this opportunity to express your passion for the job at hand, even if it presents a change in your career path.


Let the interviewer know that you are approaching this in a manner that is both responsible and mature.


One of the worst things that you can do in an interview is to come across as unprepared and uncertain about your career.


For example, if you are applying for a new career in Graphic Design and base your decision on the fact that your friend told you that it is fun, do some more research and come to the interview with a deeper knowledge of the industry in order to show that you have a clear understanding of what it entails.


Maybe mention that you have already passed a course in Graphic Design, or that you have worked freelance.


Show that you are both passionate and informed about this change.


What reasons do you think can justify a change in one’s career path?


And how would you talk about it during an interview?


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Can you explain why you changed career paths?

Marcos: answered (2017-01-30 18:39:04)
I change path as I want to do new exciting job. This job allow me to test my limit more and use my skill. Better answer?question divider line

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