You need to convince someone that your idea is the best.

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You are the expert here and know what should be done and how.

But this can all amount to nothing unless you know how to communicate your ideas effectively.



When an interviewer asks this question, he or she wants to see in what way you get your ideas across and that you do so in a manner that is respectful.


Indeed, no company wants to hire someone who lacks this quality as it makes any collaboration rather difficult.


So what are some of the good things to keep in mind when answering this question?


Here once again your past experience comes in handy.


Maybe you came across a different supplier you thought was a better fit than your current one. Highlight here that you did your research, maybe consulted your colleagues, and only then reached out to everyone else.


As such, when you are trying to convince your team to change the supplier, you have some hard evidence to back you up.


What is vital here is to stress that you took action because this change was good for the company, not just to prove that you were right.


The recruiter wants to see that you are confident in communicating your ideas at work, but remain collaborative and open to the suggestions of others.


In case you are just starting to build your career, you can mention how you managed to convince everyone in your project group at school to have an extra rehearsal session before presenting your project in front of the whole class.


Again, you did this so the project is presented in the best possible manner.


Are there some other good examples that come to your mind?


Leave a comment below and share them with others.


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You need to convince someone that your idea is the best.

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