How would you go about establishing your credibility quickly with the team?

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The aim of any interview is to establish whether you are the right candidate with skills that match the job description.


As such, the hiring manager wants to see whether, by hiring you, he or she will gain a valuable team member. So how should you approach this question in order to show the recruiter that you are going to fit in with your colleagues?


A great tip here is to highlight your ability to be open, respectful and communicative with your team members.


Another good move is to go over some similar past examples.


Mention in what way you were able to establish your position with your previous team. Maybe when your started, you reached out to each of your colleagues and spent a couple of minutes asking them about their role in order to understand the way the office works.



This was a great opportunity for you to learn who was responsible for which task, while also getting to know your colleagues better.


If you are applying for your first job and do not have a similar experience to illustrate your point, mention how you established your position in your project group or sports team.


And finally, mention a few steps that you would take in your new job that would help you in establishing your credibility.


Maybe you have a great idea for a possible team-building event.


All in all, if you stay positive, confident and show the interviewer that you are a responsible individual who values the opinions of others, he is more likely to see you as the right candidate.


What would you say in a sitution like this?


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How would you go about establishing your credibility quickly with the team?

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