How would your friends describe you?

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A more relaxed question like this is meant to make the interview situation less tense and even fun. It is a chance also for you to bring out the fun side in you and how you interact with your friends and how you are like outside of work.


You should go through perhaps some hobbies here especially if they involve teamwork.


You can show here in many ways why you are so fun to work with as “your friends think so too”.


It is a place to mention also in indirect ways that you have many friends and that you are very social which in turn makes the hiring manager think you are social and well-liked by everyone and thus would possibly work well under the manager, work well with team members and work well with everyone in the company and even represent the company well.


Make it clear that you are liked and that you can be fun but also perhaps loyal and ready to help friends in need. All qualities also respected at the work place.


Conclusion: Talk about you good points here and make yourself look the best you can. No shame in some self-bragging here but don’t go over the top as well.


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How would your friends describe you?

teme: answered (2017-03-13 18:40:59)
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