How would your manager describe you?

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When the HR managers or interviewer wants to find out more about you they would normally ask this question and it is fairly common to get the question so please be prepared for it.


The question is once again meant to be one that gives the hiring manager information about you as a possible employee but also it is meant to tell them a little bit about how you perceive yourself by asking how you think your previous managers perceived you.


Obviously, the way you answer should be positive and not bring out negative points.


Your answer should go through the time spent at previous work places and how you worked together with previous managers.


This is a place where you only talk in a positive manner and about the great relationship you had with your managers. Even if this wasn’t the case.


This is a relationship question so make sure the interviewer gets a good image of you and that you are an easy person to manage and who can work with all kinds of people.


That is the kind of person that HR managers like as they will just fit in any organization (at least in theory).


Smile and answer naturally so that your answer is perceived to be real and not fake.


Conclusion: This is a relationship question so make sure your interviewer understands that you can work under various management styles and use examples if needed to bring your point across. Talk positively about past relationships with management.


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How would your manager describe you?

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