How would your teacher / professor describe you?

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When the HR managers or interviewer wants to find out more about you they would normally ask this question and it is fairly common to get the question so please be prepared for it.


The question is once again meant to be one that gives the hiring manager information about you as a possible employee but also it is meant to tell them a little bit about how you perceive yourself by asking how you think your teacher / professor perceives you.


Obviously, the way you answer should be positive and not bring out negative points.


Your answer should go through the time spent together with your teacher / professor and explain what you learnt but more importantly how hard you studied and the effort you put into your homework / course work / projects.


This is a good place to mention how hard you work as a person in general and how well you for example worked together with other students in projects (teamwork). Obviously, you need to have the grades to back up your comments.


Good place to also mention that you did more than the bare minimum if you participated in the student union and other extra activities.


Smile and answer naturally so that your answer is perceived to be real and not fake.


Conclusion: Good place to mention other sides of your personality like hard working, good at team work, extracurricular activities etc.


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How would your teacher professor describe you?

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