No reason to complain but a customer is not happy.

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Many positions involve you being in contact with clients.

Customer service is key as a happy client is a returning client and those are measured in gold. If you get asked this question you have a great chance to show that you have a pro-customer approach and are able to conduct yourself in a professional and open manner.



Have you ever experienced a similar situation in the past?


Let the interviewer know that you have already dealt with a similar issue and walk him through your solution.


And what can such a scenario look like?


Maybe you were a point of contact between the client and the project manager who failed to deliver the project on time.


The client was on the phone with you arguing, blaming you for the failure. A great thing here is to stress that you are trying to understand the client’s perspective.


After all you were the person he or she was in touch with all this time.


Let the interviewer know that you do not take criticism personally. Instead suggest that you were happy to spend some time explaining the situation to the client, apologized for the late delivery and offered a compensation if possible.


After all your job is to make the client happy.


And since we are all keen on stories that end well, you cannot lose by mentioning that the client agreed to the compensation and continued to work with you.


A great tip to end with is to use this situation to highlight that you took something from it.


Maybe you learned to communicate not only the positive news, but also the bad ones.


As such, the recruiter will see that if similar problems arise, you can handle them with ease.

How would you answer this question?


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Why were you fired?

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How would you answer this?

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