You don't feel qualified enough to do a job?

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None of us were born ready and qualified. It is through experience that we learn and become better at our work.

Yet, the interviewer might be interested in seeing how you would handle a situation that needs you to step out of your comfort zone.



The best thing about this question is that you can use it to highlight your willingness to learn.


This is another situation in which using an example from the past may help you get some positive points. Regardless of whether you were faced with a similar challenge at work or at school, this is the time to dust off the memory.


What is important here as well is to let the interviewer know that while you see this challenge as an opportunity to grow, you approach it in a cautious manner.


No company will want to hire a hothead who does not think twice before they act.


So what might a good example look like?


Your manager maybe asked you to prepare a plan using a tool the company had just implemented and you are not familiar with. You had your doubts but consulted a colleague who was able to explain to you some nuances and finally managed to deliver the project.


What is important to know here is that the recruiter knows what your skills are and what they are not. They have read your CV after all.


What he or she wants to see during the interview is that you are still willing to continue learning and growing.


Can you think of any other questions you might get asked during an interview and which allow you to showcase your willingness to learn?


Let us and others know in the comments


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You don't feel qualified enough to do a job?

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