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The question "Tell me a little bit about yourself" is meant to be an icebreaker and make the interview situation less formal and more relaxed for both parties.


Generally it is meant to lead into the rest of the interview and as such it is often asked by HR personnel in interviews. You might ask yourself what is the correct answer to this answer?


Well there isn't a correct answer and you just have to be natural and and honest and happy. And remember to smile as this is especially important at the beginning always.


When the question is asked just relax and take a pause. Depending on time constraints etc decide how long your answer should be.


In any case don't start telling the interviewer you entire life story. That is not the point. Start fom a point that is RELEVANT to the job but that also tells a little bit about yourself as a human being.


So for example if applying to a job straight after college then talk about your studies and extracurricular activities and perhaps hobbies. Make it sound like you are a normal and fun person but who takes responsibility of things.


If you are more experienced then start by talking about perhaps where you studied if worth mentioning but then progress to your previous jobs. Perhaps mention hobbies and where you are from and if you have a family etc.


Conclusion: The answer to this question should be relaxed but also depends on your professional level and what you are applying for as well.


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Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Jinesh: answered (2017-01-26 13:29:14)
I would only tell the main events in my life to have led me to this particular interview and be relaxed about it. It is a good chance for the company to get to know me in a relaxed way.question divider line

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