Tell me about a time in your life when you actually failed at something?

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You put on your best outfit, style your hair, arrive 10 minutes in advance, conjure your best smile to charm the recruiter and are ready to start talking about your talents and achievements but then you get asked about your failures.


What is the best way to talk about the times you failed at something, yet still come across as competent in the end?


The first thing to realise here is that failure is not a bad thing.


Indeed, it is all about the manner in which you present it to the recruiter.


Certainly some of the most successful people such as Steve Jobs or J.K. Rowling talk openly about the important effect that failure had on their careers.


So what is the best way for you to discuss this during an interview?



Firstly, chose an example of the time you failed at something which ended up teaching you a lesson.


Stay away from mentioning some colossal failures that really were just terrible mistakes.


You can even use this opportunity to define what failure means to you. Maybe you see failure as your inability to do your best.


Let the interviewer know that you are able to think about failure in a constructive manner.


And since the hiring manager asks for a specific example, make sure that whichever you decide to use, it shows that you were able to take something from it.


Maybe you lost a client which inspired you to reshape the portfolio of your services, and, as a result, this action greatly improved your sales in the following quarter.


Show the recruiter that while you are always giving every task one hundred percent, when something goes wrong, you are able to learn from it.


As such, the recruiter will see that you are likely to handle any struggles that may arise in the future in a similar manner.


Do you find it difficult to talk about failure during an interview?


Share your opinions with others below.


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Tell me about a time in your life when you actually failed at something?

Emma: answered (2017-04-10 17:04:49)
I believe everyone has failed at something but it is by no means a bad thing to fail. What is important is what you do after failure. Do you stop or do you try again with maybe another approach? It takes a certain kind of mental strength to continue trying and I believe I have it. I have failed at things in life but always got up and tried again and succeeded. Sometimes you fail at the second try and sometimes you have to try again. But never give up!question divider line

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