You are working on a project together and the deadline is close.

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This is another example of a situational question that recruiters often use to test your problem-solving skills – especially if you are applying for a job which involves some project management.

You might be surprised to find out how many people struggle to come up with a great answer on the spot – especially if they have not thought about such scenarios in advance.



The ability to meet deadlines is an important quality and the interviewer will want to see how you manage in case the circumstances are not favourable.


And we all know that these situations do happen in real life.


Just think about the colleague who always comes in late for meetings or the classmate you had who never handed in his work on time.


So what to reply in order to leave the recruiter with a great impression?


A good thing here is not to start blaming your colleagues. This is a project of the whole team, so show some team spirit.


Maybe suggest you would continue trying to reach your colleagues while researching other sources that might help.


Maybe you know someone who can help.


There might be an intern available to do data entry to speed up the project, or you can prioritize your time in order to find a few extra hours you can spend on this project.


All in all, mentioning a similar situation from the past which you resolved favourably might also help. Show that you are resourceful even when forced to work under pressure and you will boost your chances of landing the job at hand.


Do you find it uncomfortable to talk about similar scenarios during an interview?


And have you discovered some techniques or tips that help to overcome the anxiety?


Share them with us!


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You are working on a project together and the deadline is close.

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