What are your hobbies?

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What are your hobbies might sound like a very relaxed and informal question and in many ways, it is.


And at the same time, it isn’t.


You can answer this in a way so that it really only tells what your hobbies are OR you can add meaning to your hobbies.


By this we mean, playing football for example is about teamwork and strategy and endurance.


Playing chess is about planning forward, strategy and tactics.


Long distance running is about endurance, stamina, not giving up, training hard and so much more.


You see the big picture here?


You should mention your hobbies as this shows the interviewer that you have a personal life as well, that you can relax and enjoy life as well.


But once again, as mentioned in previous explanations to other questions, you can add secret and / or subtle hints at why you are so good.


When you mention that you love playing cricket you should not just say that and stop there. You should explain why you love cricket. Not only does this already show passion but also when you use examples you bring out other aspects of your personality and you are bringing up your strong points.


So, let’s use an example here. “Well my hobbies include playing rugby as I love the fact that it is so physical and it is about team work and achieving the goal. We work hard together to score and win the game as a team and when we win we celebrate but when we lose we support each other. I also love swimming as it helps me relax and just effortlessly exercise and gives me time to think.”


You just said so much good about your personality here without saying it in too many words and too obviously.


Conclusion: Think how to answer this question and answer it naturally with examples. It can have a bigger impact on your interview than you think if answered well!


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What are your hobbies?

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