What are your strengths?

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What are your strengths is one of the most typical interview questions and most frequently asked. Being prepared for this is important and worth doing.


It might actually seem like a tough question to answer as knowing your strengths is not always straightforward. And even if you knew all your strengths what should you answer here? By no means should you go through a long list of strengths and have the longest monologue.


The right way to do it is to think of 2-3 strengths that you have THAT WOULD BE USEFUL in the job that you are applying to.


Makes sense right?


Not only should you just have a list of 2-3 strengths but also include always examples and evidence to show why you have this skill.


An example would be that you are applying for a translation job


You are asked what your strengths are and you could mention that you studied languages at university for 5 years.


And that you have always been fluent in 2-3 languages as your upbringing was in 2 languages.


Also if you have done any relevant certificates you can mention them here or if you lived in a country where that language was spoken it could be fun but relevant to mention that here.


A general “strength” like grit or determination to learn and improve can also be used here if you can’t think of other things but always have examples!


Conclusion: Have examples to back up your strengths and mention only a few and not 20.


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What are your strengths?

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