What are your weaknesses?

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Interviewers would almost certainly ask about your strengths but they would also just as likely ask about your weaknesses. And this a bit tricky to answer perhaps.


Are they trying to find what your real weaknesses are and if so what should you answer here?


Or are they just testing how you perceive yourself and what your weaknesses are?


Either way the wrong way to go about this is to start listing your flaws and why you are so bad. Everyone has flaws and weaknesses but it is how we live with them and improve these weaknesses and perceive them, that is important and that is what the interviewer also wants to find out.


So, do not list weaknesses that are a problem in getting the job you are applying for!


If you are applying to be a firefighter you can’t say you are afraid of fire and heat.


You should list only weaknesses that are weaknesses but that can be improved on and maybe show examples again how you are working on these issues.


For example if applying for a computer programming job you might say that your Ruby on Rails skills are not the strongest at the moment BUT that you are taking a course at the moment to improve that.


You answered the question and gave a weakness BUT you also proved that YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR WEAKNESSES ARE and you know HOW TO IMPROVE and you have the WILLINGNESS TO GROW YOUR TALENT.


Conclusion: Make your weaknesses your strengths and use examples. Show that you are working on those weak points.


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What are your weaknesses?

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