What attracted you to this company?

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In the interview stage you will face various types of questions and one of them is “What attracted you to this company?”.


This is very similar to the interview question “What is your ideal company like?”


Again this isn’t a trick question of anything too serious. It is just a question to find out why you applied to this role and why you chose that company.


When answering this question there are though a few things to remember.


To start with when you answer why you applied to that company, use points and comments that relate to the job you are applying to. By this we mean you should use examples that hint at the job you are applying to without saying it directly.


For example, you should explain that you were attracted to this role and company because you have followed the company for a while now and you find their way of doing business innovative and fresh.


Use examples why you think like this always to prove that you know what you are talking about instead of just making generic comments that “you find the company great”.


You can already here slide in a few hints as well why you would be a perfect match for the role. For example, if you apply for a job in social media or something similar you can say you were attracted to this company because they have a very good social media presence that is engaging and with a good reach but that you think could even be improved with some small tweaks and changes (once again include examples).


Conclusion: Use comments that show you know the company you are applying to and give hints why you would be good for the company and the role.


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What attracted you to this company?

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