What did you like least about your previous job?

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Once again, another testing question you might be asked is “What did you like least about your previous job?”


This is way for the interviewer to see how you liked your time at the previous company and on what terms you left and WHY you perhaps left.


It is also meant to find out how you talk about your previous employer once you have left.


If you talk to your interviewer that your previous company was very bad and no one listened to you and nothing worked etc this might be perceived negatively as the hiring manager might think that one day when you leave them then you would say all those things about them as well to people all over the place i.e. spreading negative publicity.


Also no one wants to work with a negative person.


Even though you might have hated your time at the previous company and for a good reason, still stay polite and civil.


Answering this is actually easy as every job has aspects that you like the least. Just explain these aspects in a way that make them sound less terrible and negative.


For example, if you worked long hours in the previous job and you hated those you can say that you found the long hours a challenge as you had less time to spend with your family and children but that you still loved putting in the hours as you found the task motivating and you learnt a lot. You can also add that you want to bring the same enthusiasm to this new role as well but would like to have a bit better work life balance at the same time.


Conclusion: Talk nicely about your previous employer but also have an answer to this question. Obviously, there is reason you are leaving so tell it but make it sound good and explain it well.


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What did you like least about your previous job?

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