What do you know about this industry you are applying to?

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Similar to the question “What do you know about this company?” this question is meant to let the hiring managers know exactly what the question asks i.e. what research have you done into this industry.


They want to find out that you care to make the effort to read about industry development and that you want to understand how the field is developing. This shows not only motivation and commitment and proactivity, but also that you take things seriously.


Do not come to an interview not knowing the industry into which you are applying to. Not knowing this answer is like not knowing your strong points or weak points and will leave you packing.


Research the industry and field and the company you are applying to.


Know their position and products, market and trends.


With this information, you can impress the interviewers certainly while also answering their question well.


Again, bringing up small interesting facts about the industry could be good and also use references for example by mentioning other companies in the sector.


For example, “the fact that ZZZ Corp launched their new product gave a boost to other companies to launch competing products that could compete and I can see that your company has definitely not been sitting still with the launch of this and that…”


You just showed that you follow the news and know what the competitive landscape is like and that you know the new company you are applying to as well.


Conclusion: This is chance to impress the interviewer so do the research and KNOW THE INDUSTRY BEFORE THE INTERVIEW!


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What do you know about this industry you are applying to?

Peter: answered (2017-03-27 10:48:57)
I have done research into this industry and the company as well. I also looked into your competition and the market share this company has. I would also talk about the industry, what has happened and even what the direction seems to be if I am confident I know enough.question divider line

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