What is your ideal company like?

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In the interview stage you will face various types of questions and one of them is “What is your ideal company like?”.


How do you answer this question?


To start, this isn’t a trick question that you should be afraid off. Instead it is a just a relaxed way for the HR manager to find out more about what kind of company you think is ideal to work for.


When answering this question there are though a few things to remember.


To start with when you describe your ideal company, use points and comments that relate to the job you are applying to. By this we mean you should use examples that hint at the job you are applying to without saying it directly.


For example if you are applying for a job at Apple you might want to say that you want to work for an innovative company that is trying to push the boundaries of design and not afraid of new product innovations.


See what we did here?


We didn’t say anything about Apple as such but the hiring managers might find this as nice comment about their company and would probably agree that their company is innovative and brave in their marketing and design.


Be careful about mentioning things here that the role / company you are applying to don’t have.


For example if you are applying to a company which has lost a lot of market share due to perhaps outdated design and is struggling, saying that you want to work for that company because of their innovative designs will sound weird and perhaps be taken as an insult even.


Conclusion: Research the company you are applying to and use arguments here that apply somehow to the company you are interviewing for.


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What is your ideal company like?

Jain: answered (2017-02-26 16:03:44)
My ideal company is one where I can make a difference and have the opportunity to bring forwards ideas and be involved in the general development and direction of the business.question divider line

How would you answer this?

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