What type of work environment do you prefer?

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This is a rarer question in itself but it gets asked in another form like what kind of manager do you prefer or what type of company do you like working for.


The interviewer is just trying to understand in what type of work environment you would like to work in.


This tells them a little bit about yourself but also what you see yourself thriving in. It is not a trick question but still be careful how you answer.


Don’t be too strong in any answer you give as this may polarize you.


For example, if asked about the work environment and you answer that “you really hate and can’t stand if someone micro manages you” it sounds very negative.


Maybe you do hate it as most do but say it in a nicer way so it doesn’t make you look like Mr / Mrs Negative.


Instead answer that you like to work in an environment where you at least certain freedom to make decisions and think to achieve the end goals of the tasks.


If you are social and the job requires you to be social then mention this clearly.


If the job is in archiving and not very social then say that you like the peace and quiet working in an archive and this allows you to plan and think better on how to do things most effectively.


Conclusion: Use examples that play to your strengths and don’t be too strong in the statements that you make.


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What type of work environment do you prefer?

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