When did you disagree with a decision that was made at work?

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It’s no denying that there are times we disagree with our boss or manager. But what is the best way to talk about such situations during an interview?


Many people tend to believe that this question aims to discover whether you are able to take a subordinate role.


But this is not the case here.


No recruiter wants to hire a candidate who will blindly follow whatever the management comes up with. Certainly, the best asset to every company is an employee who, while doing his or her job, is also able to think about it critically.


So use this question to show that you are open and able to communicate with the manager even when you disagree with them.


Maybe you were asked to perform a task that in your opinion could be done differently. Let the interviewer know that you were able to discuss your point of view with the manager.



Maybe you offered a suggestion as to how this task could be done more efficiently.


What is important here is to choose an example which presents you in the best light possible.


Don’t opt for that time your manager dismissed your suggestion as useless or you discovered you were wrong. Instead, mention the time when your suggestion helped to generate a better result.


All in all, it does not hurt your argument to admit that, having made these suggestions, you ultimately respected your manager's authority, and that you were able to accept their decision when they did not take your suggestion on board.


What would you recommend as the best answer for this question? Let others know in the comments.


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When did you disagree with a decision that was made at work?

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