How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution to this team / company?

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You might be a great team member, have amazing communication skills and present yourself in the best possible light, but a good recruiter will also want to see what real contribution you are likely to make to the company.

Have you thought about it in advance?

Do you have a rough idea of the ways in which you can benefit the company?

Those are some of the questions the recruiters will try to ask during your conversation.

So when you get asked such questions, what is the best way to maximize your chances of landing the job?

First and foremost, this will be a hard question to answer if you forgot to do your company research. Indeed, once you know more about your potential employer, you will be able to adjust your answers to their specific needs.

So do your research beforehand.


A great tip in general is to highlight that you are enthusiastic about the position, and are able to take the initiative.

It happens from time to time that a candidate says he or she will know which steps to take once hired and will consequently learn more about the company. Do your best to avoid such an approach.

Of course your knowledge is limited at this point, but you should have some general idea, and should be able to offer a few examples.

So what about an example?

Maybe you are applying to a position of a Social Media Manager.

You had a look at the company’s current social media communication and have some idea of what they are trying to do.

You then might suggest that in the next few months you would like to run a new campaign focusing on a specific product. This way, the interviewer will see that you are already planning ahead and that is the point here.

What about you? Do you attend interviews with such examples in mind?


In what way have they helped you handle a difficult question?


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How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution to this team / company?

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