Why are you leaving your current job?

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A question like this might make you think why it is being asked.


Is there a right answer?


Once again this is not a trick question. It is a question to let the interviewer understand why you left and that is it.


You must answer this though cleverly and not make silly mistakes of course.


So, to start with, don’t tell the interviewer that you want to leave because you hate the job or you hate the managers or you hate your colleagues or something similar. It is important not to be negative here even though you might in reality hate the previous company or the people.


Stay positive and explain why you want to leave in a manner that makes it sound like you just want to get further in life. The interviewer will understand this as don’t we all want to have a better life?


So when answering this you can for example say that:


You have enjoyed tremendously working for XYZ Corp and it has given you the chance to develop and grow BUT that you feel like you would now like to expand on that knowledge and experience in a new setting and that you believe in this new role you could bring not only all the information and experience you have gathered so far in life but also that you have learnt a lot from past mistakes and issues that businesses in this field face and that you are now a better person to tackel these issues.


Conclusion: Use examples when explaining why you would be a good person with the knowledge you have gained at the previous job and how that knowledge vault in your head could be useful to the new job. Also, don’t speak negatively about the job you had as this makes people think you speak negatively about this new job once you leave them


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Why are you leaving your current job?

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