Why do you want this job?

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A classical question like “Why do you want this job” is probably going to be asked at an interview situation especially if you are not a seasoned professional.


If you already have lots of experience then the answer is more self-explanatory as you want to continue work in the field you love and want to improve etc.


As a young person just trying to get into a job in the field you are applying to it is more common that this question gets asked.


Your answer should always be enthusiastic and motivated and come naturally.


You want to get into this area because you have the enthusiasm to work in it and you have perhaps studied this at university.


Or you have insight into this field of work because you know people in it or your parents work in it so you know it is something you would love to do and feel passionate about.


You can also say that you have followed that specific company for many years and that you admire them for this and that reason (use examples).


This might work on some companies better than others but it is not a bad approach IF used genuinely and you have examples and reasons why you have followed them and admire them.


Conclusion: Answer enthusiastically and be motivated! How has your background led you to apply for that job? Explain why you are qualified and want that job. Show that you know something about the company and that you want to work THERE and not just somewhere!


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Why do you want this job?

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