Why is there a gap in your employment?

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You spent hours tweaking your CV to make the best impression, presenting all your professional experience in the best light possible.


But what if there are some gaps that are impossible to cover up?


The first thing to stress here is that having gaps in your employment is not a bad thing. It is a question of whether you are able to justify them or not.


Ultimately, you want to show the recruiter that you are aiming to pursue your career path, while growing both personally and professionally.


So use these gaps as a way to elaborate this point. It is a great idea to already comment on them in your CV so that they do not decrease your chances of being invited to an interview.


In addition, be prepared to explain the reasons you were unemployed for this period.



Ultimately, the best thing to do here is to highlight all the positive things that you did during this time.


Maybe you did a course in Digital Marketing or took a class to improve your German or even volunteered for a non-profit organization.


Let the interviewer know that you used this opportunity to learn and grow. Maybe it even allowed you to discover what you really want from your career.


Finally, do not forget to mention that you are now in a place where you feel confident to start this new journey, and are excited about the job at hand.


To sum up, always be ready to walk the recruiter through your CV, explaining what each experience meant to you.


Furthermore, do not forget that in the contemporary job market there are more and more candidates with gaps in their CVs and it is nothing to be ashamed of.


Do you have gaps in your employment history?


And how would you go about explaining them to the hiring managers?


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Why is there a gap in your employment?

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How would you answer this?

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