Why should we hire you when there are so many other candidates out there?

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You found an amazing job. It looks like it could even be your dream job that you have been longing for years.


The company looks amazing, the salary is great and there are fabulous benefits.


But for a job like that the competition is tough and you are not the only one in the running.


So how to handle this question in order to show the recruiter that you have that special thing that makes you stand out?


In general, recruiters are looking for someone who is confident in their skills. So don’t just simply state that you think you are a great fit for the job and a hardworking person.


Many candidates opt for such an answer and it will not make them stand out.



A good move here is to go over the job description and think about what strengths the company is looking for in an ideal candidate.


Are you going to manage a team?


Then you should be able to establish your authority and have great communication skills.


Are you going to work with numbers?


Then mention the fact you have great attention to detail.


A great idea is to make a list of your strengths that are in some way related to the job at hand. As such, you will get a much clearer picture of what to mention during the actual interview.


All in all, it is not only about having all of these qualities, but also about your ability to sell them to the hiring manager.


If you succeed in doing this, you will be ahead of other candidates who often rely on providing general answers instead of being specific.


Have you ever been asked this question?


And how did you handle it? Let us know in the comments.


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Why should we hire you when there are so many other candidates out there?

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