Why should we/our company hire you?

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A tougher question that you might face is the following “Why should we/our company hire you?”


You might want to just run away from the interview when you get asked this but don’t be afraid.


It sounds a bit hostile perhaps as a question and you might think you chances of getting that job have already gone out through the door leaving you just sitting still there.


That isn’t the case though.


This is one of those questions meant to be provocative and “make you sweat”. The hiring manager is trying to see how you react in a situation like this.



Once again you should not grab the bait and start babbling and say that “you deserve this” or “I know what I am doing and would be doing a service to this company” etc.


Just be calm and answer the question with proper reasoning why they should hire you.


This is question where you can shine if you have done your research about the company and the role you are applying to.


You can mention here what you would bring to the role that would be useful because of this and that reason and that you see the company direction as a positive and would like to be involved in the journey.


Conclusion: Be calm and collected and remember to smile. Answer the question and use examples.


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Why should we/our company hire you?

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