Why were you fired / Why were you laid off?

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So you were fired and are looking for a new job. But what is the best way to talk about your past experience?


Indeed, many hiring managers want to know the reasons behind the termination of your previous employment. Talking about this topic might seem quite frightening as you have to open up about the reasons why your previous job ended, and, at the same time, convince the recruiter that you would be a great asset to their company.


So how to proceed?



Irrespective of the reasons for which you were fired, do not go into too much detail. You could deviate from your point and end up saying something you might later regret.


A good thing to keep in mind is to not talk badly about your previous employer. Your ex-boss may have been insufferable, but this is not the time to complain.


Be diplomatic, maybe suggest that your expectations were not met at your previous place of employment.


Perhaps you were forced to leave because of a budget cut to your department.


A great move here is to mention that you are now excited to have this new opportunity and are thrilled to start somewhere afresh or explore a different career path.


What is important to remember when talking about the reasons you were fired is to avoid twisting the facts too much. Lies told during an interview can be easily detected with a basic background check with your previous employer. So make sure that while discussing your previous job you remain honest.


To sum up, the best thing you can do to sway this question to your advantage is to stay confident and professional and avoid using negative language when talking about you past experience.


Another great tip is to suggest that you are positive about the future.


Have you ever been forced to talk about the reasons you were fired? If so, how did you approach the question?


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Why were you fired?

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