Why were you not promoted at your last job?

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When you are applying for a new job, any good recruiter will want to have a proper look at your employment history.


This is relevant especially when you are applying for a higher level position.


The hiring manager will try to see whether there is some specific reason why you were not offered such an opportunity in your last employment.


So what should you answer in order to come across as capable in the eyes of the recruiter?



Firstly, when talking about your employment history, do not forget to reply honestly.


It is easy for the recruiter to discover that you lied about something simply by doing a routine check.


Secondly, do not talk badly about your ex-boss, even if he was incredibly difficult to work with or you were unjustly not offered a promotion.


Instead, you can emphasize that at that specific time you were not looking for a new position. Perhaps you had little children or other obligations that stood in the way.


Maybe you were offered a promotion but it was not in a direction that interested you at that time, or your department experienced some budget cuts and there were no promotions available for your entire team.


All in all, stay truthful and open about your employment history.


And instead of investing your time and energy in complaining about the lack of opportunities at your previous workplace, state briefly your reasons and emphasize your excitement about the new job opportunity at hand.


As such, the recruiter will see you as someone who is eager to grow and who could potentially be the right candidate to fit the job description.


Let us know in the comments how you would answer such a question.


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Why were you not promoted at your last job?

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