Will you be out to take my job if we hire you?

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Every recruiter will want to see whether you are an ambitious person and are willing to work on your career.


At the same time, he or she will want to see where your ambitions end and if you are able to respect the authority of others and work under their leadership.


In general, it is never a good idea to suggest that you are after the job of the hiring manager – unless of course that is the one you are applying for.


Even if you get asked what job you see yourself having in five years, recruiters usually recommend you stay away from naming the role of the person that interviews you.



A good move here is to say that you suppose you will be getting to know your new job, learning as much as possible and trying your best to make your contribution to the company.


As such, this is not something that is on your mind at this moment.


Still, it is not a deal breaker if you mention that maybe in twenty years, you might be interested in a similar position, even if you are definitely not interested in the near future.


What you achieve by answering in this way is proving to the recruiter that you are both ambitious and excited about your professional development, but you are at the same time sure that the job you want is the one you are applying for and you are not also entertaining other options.


Have your ever been asked this during an interview? Let us know how you replied in the comments!


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Will you be out to take my job if we hire you?

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