Would you take advantage of any situation?

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Depending on the position you are applying for, the interviewer may present you with a similar scenario asking you in what way you would react.

This question allows you to both show that you can spot a good opportunity once it arises but at the same time are also able to think about the future and prioritize what is best for the company in the long run.



Overall, it’s a great opportunity to show the interviewer that you are not quick to jump the gun, but are able to think about such a situation in its complexity and ponder it from various angles.


Indeed, the easiest way might not always be the best one.


Every good company knows the value of a loyal client with whom they have a great working relationship and who is happy to use their services on a regular basis.


You can use this question to show the recruiter that you are not only reacting to an immediate opportunity, but are also thinking ahead.


A good thing might be to suggest that you could prepare a useful package for the client and that way you will secure a great sale while not exploiting his or her inexperience.


In this manner, you are already planning ahead and working on securing a happy client.


To sum up, if an interviewer presents you with such a scenario, think twice about your reply.


Show them that you value loyalty and transparency not only within the company but also in relationship with the clients.


How would you personally reply to such a question?


We look forward to reading your comments!


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Would you take advantage of any situation?

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