You are receiving criticism for some work you have done but don't agree.

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Handling criticism can be really difficult at times, especially if we feel that it is not deserved.

Recruiters will often ask this question to see in what manner you react to negative feedback and whether you can distinguish between criticism that is constructive and one that is unfair and unwarranted.



So take this as a chance to show that you treat any feedback with the attention it is due.


Maybe there is an example in your past you can use to show that you see criticism as a means of improving yourself and above all are mature enough not to take it personally.


Maybe there was a situation in the past when you created a web page for your client and he or she got back to you claiming the design you used does not correspond to the original assignment.


Yet, you feel like you followed what the two of you agreed on.


You then checked your previous communication with the client and discovered that while the font used for the headings is too small, you did not deviate from the original assignment.


As a response to the complaint, you got back to the client to go over it together once again, justifying your choice of graphics and amending the mistake you found.


It’s great to mention here that as a result, this allowed you to learn more about your client’s preferences which really paid off in the following project you did with them.


It’s good to stress here that what you were after was not to prove that you were right, but to use the criticism in order to improve the experience of the client and your own understanding of their needs.


Having used an example like this, the interviewer will see that you are able to think critically about the criticism you receive, taking it as a chance to grow both personally and professionally.


Have you been asked about your ability to handle criticism during an interview? And how did you handle it?


Let others know in the comments.


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You are receiving criticism for some work you have done but don't agree.

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