You have made a mistake in your job and it will cost money.

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The first thing to remember here is that we all can make a mistake at work.

While you come to an interview to show that you possess the right skills to rock the job, an experienced recruiter will want to see in what manner you react to a failure as well.

Indeed, some recruiters enjoy using these types of situational questions to find out how you would react to specific issues.



When it comes to this question specifically, it is a great opportunity to show that you are able to take responsibility for your actions even if it means admitting that you were at fault.


As such, let the interviewer know that you are not looking out for yourself alone, but care about the company and its success as well.


Failing to report such a mistake might indeed have a much worse outcome for both you and the company than if you confessed to your error.


Remember, the recruiter wants to hire an employee who is loyal to the company and mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes with the job.


A great point to add to your argument is to suggest that you will immediately look for a possible solution.


Is there some way the mistake can be corrected?


If not, what are the means to limit the damage?


Show that you are resourceful and are willing to immediately work on softening the blow.


As a result, the interviewer is much more likely to see you as the right candidate for the job at hand.


How would you answer this question in an interview?


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You have made a mistake in your job and it will cost money.

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