You notice unethical behaviour. What do you do?

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A colleague of mine got asked a similar question during an interview and it caught her by surprise.

She started making various contradictory suggestions, got nervous, and finally was unable to offer a clear solution.

She walked out of the interview feeling low and like she could have done a much better job.

So what can you do in order to avoid making the same mistake?



This is a difficult question and the interviewer is aware of that.


You can start by admitting it as well.


As a result, instead of showing him that you struggle with the question, you will present yourself as thoughtful, giving it the consideration it deserves.


In general, this question tackles two things.


Your ability to stay diplomatic as well as dealing with a potential ethical issue.


Nevertheless, it is not your ethical standards that are in question here.


The interviewer wants to see in what way you would react to such a sensitive issue.


A great thing here is to propose that you would go over the check again, maybe ask another colleague of yours to assist you in order to make sure that you were correct the first time.


It’s also good to mention that you would consult the company’s guidelines which exist exactly for situations like these.


Let the interviewer know that you would make sure that you have all the information you need.


All in all, some people tend to feel like they have to provide a final solution straight away.


If you admit the difficulty of the situation, stress that you would act cautiously and consult your colleagues, the company’s guidelines or the management, you have a chance of leaving the interviewer with a great impression.


Was there a questions that you got asked and which you knew ruined your chances of getting the job?


Let us know bellow.


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You notice unethical behaviour. What do you do?

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