Your colleague is not pulling their weight. What do you do?

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We all want to come across as great team-players during an interview.

But the reality is slightly less rosy as not all of our colleagues are always hardworking and dedicated.



For this reason, the recruiter will want to know how you would treat your colleague’s underperformance.


You will encounter this question especially if you are applying for a managerial position and are expected to lead your own team.


It gives you a chance to highlight your communication skills and show your courage to address even the less comfortable issues.


Yet, while doing so, focus on being motivational and encouraging, rather than too bossy.


A good move here is to suggest that you would first approach your colleague and ask him or her about the situation. This way, you will show empathy together with the courage to speak up.


So what is important here?


Tell the interviewer that you believe in the power of communication and again, use an example to illustrate your point.


Remember that colleague who kept watching YouTube videos at work or the classmate who never contributed anything during a team project?


Maybe it was after you approached them and tried to understand why they are not doing their work that you discovered that they are perhaps not enjoying it or find it difficult. You then reached a mutual agreement and they were assigned a slightly different task or explained what they previously found too challenging.


All in all, you can use this question to show that you are a good team-player who is also willing to address potential issues directly with an open mind.


Have you ever had to work with such a colleague?


And did you find the courage to speak up?


Let us know in the comment section below!


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Your colleague is not pulling their weight. What do you do?

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