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Interviews and how you can prepare for them

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Hello all you ambitious people!

So you are applying for a job and you know you will face various aptitude tests. But those are not a problem as you have been practising a lot on The Online Test Centre and you are fully prepared for all reasoning tests that you might face 🙂

You know also that tests alone will not decide if you get the job, you will also have to speak to the company representatives which might include HR managers, line managers, possible future colleagues and many other people. In other words you might face interviews and not just one but perhaps several interview rounds.

So how do I prepare for these deciding interviews you might ask yourself?

The good thing is that it is fully possible and absolutely vital that you practice in advance and prepare yourself as well as possible before stepping into the interview room.

A vast majority of interview questions are standard questions that are asked and by practising in advance you can have well thought answers for them. By having an answer already planned means that you have less stress at the actual interview to think of something clever to say. Instead you can just enjoy the situation and give a well thought answer and seem like you are not stressed and are relaxed even in tough situations. Better like this than having difficulty finding the words and mumbling something half-clever as nothing comes to mind.

Most people have a certain idea when they hear about interviews. They think 1 or 2 people asking one-sided questions and the applicant just sits there answering them and then hopefully the answer was good enough to convince the HR people. In reality there are various types of interviews and they vary a great deal in nature and preparation. To read more in depth about interview types and interview questions you can check out our website and the interview preparation section. There are a vast amount of questions for you there to practice on!

Also please don’t forget to comment if you have any questions or need help in the comment section at the bottom of each page.

Happy job hunting!