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General knowledge quiz questions and answers have been added for you to test your knowledge about the world. You will find questions on geography, general facts, movies, arts, famous landmarks, famous inventors, airline logos quizzes, national flags and many more areas.

Start testing your general knowledge with these fun quiz style questions and see how much you really know about the world we live in.

More general knowledge quiz questions are added frequently so please don't forget to check our website regularly. Enjoy!

Movies and Music General Knowledge

> Actors and Actresses Quiz

> Best-selling Singles by Singers Quiz

> Best-selling Albums by Singers Quiz

> Oscar Winning Movies Quiz

> Oscar Winning Best Actors Quiz

> Oscar Winning Best Actresses Quiz

> Pop Star Quiz

World Geography General Knowledge

> Worlds Largest Lakes Quiz

> Capital Cities Quiz

> Capital Cities Level 2 - Hard Quiz

> World Mountains Quiz

> Worlds Longest Rivers Quiz

> Worlds Largest Islands Quiz

World General Knowledge

> World Flags Quiz

> Worlds Famous Places and Landmarks Quiz

> Airline Logo Quiz Quiz

> World Organizations Quiz

> World Currencies Quiz

> Famous Inventors Quiz

> Sciences and Fields of Study Quiz

> Periodic Table Quiz

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