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When applying for jobs or placements you will certainly face situational interview questions and you should be prepared to face them all. To prepare for the actual situations it is well worth reading through all our interview questions and prepare an answer for them. Preparation for interviews is crucial and will make or break your chances of getting a job. Below you will find a list of typical questions asked.


Just remember when you are answering the questions to be calm and relaxed. Think of it as an informal chat and they are just trying to get to know you. And you them.

You know you are the right candidate for them and now you just have to explain to the hiring managers why. Always use examples of why you master a skill and how you handled a certain situation.

Be polite, friendly, remember to smile, dress well and be clean. Have all the papers with you that might be needed! Also be on time and in fact come even 5-10 minutes early. It not a bad thing to be early!

Now let's look at those interview questions.


> If you knew your manager was definitely wrong about something how would you handle the situation?

> Describe to us a difficult situation at work or a project you were involved in and how you overcame it.

> Describe to us a time in your life when your workload was heavy and how you handled the situation and managed to get past it.

> Your colleague is not pulling their weight and is not interested really in the project you are working on. What would you do?

> You are handling customer background checks and one of the customers seems to be doing something unethical. At the same time though the company is making a lot of money with that client. What would you do?


> You need to convince someone that your idea is the best. How would you do it?

> You have made a mistake in your job and it will cost money. You could try to hide the mistake and perhaps no one would notice. What would you do?

> You are receiving harsh criticism for some work you have done and you don't agree with all the criticism. How would you handle the situation?

> You are working with a client who is new to her/his job and doesn't really understand what is happening. It could be easy to take advantage of the situation by selling almost anything to them. How would you go ahead?

> You need to take initiative concerning some work but you don't feel like you are qualified enough to do it. How would you go ahead?

> You are working on a project together with other colleagues and the deadline is close. You can't get a hold of all the people involved and needed at this moment. How would you go ahead in this situation?


> A customer is complaining even though there is no reason to complain and you have done nothing wrong. How would you handle the situation in the best possible way?

> You have been sent an email by your boss who is returning to the office in 1 week and who asked you in the meantime to finish a report. You know you cannot do all the work before your boss comes back as there is too much. What would you do?

> While talking to you friend after work one day you heard something that their company is doing. That company is a competitor to your employer and you know this information would be valuable and perhaps help you in your career. How would you proceed?

Questions or comments? Please discuss below.

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