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When applying for jobs or placements you will most certainly face at least some of these sudden interview tests. To prepare for the actual interview situation it is well worth reading through our pages on how to prepare for inteviews. Preparation for interviews is crucial and will make or break your chances of getting a job. Below you will find some sudden tasks and tests that interviewers could ask.

Just remember when you are answering the questions to be calm and relaxed. Think of it as an informal chat and they are just trying to get to know you. And you them.

You know you are the right candidate for them and now you just have to explain to the hiring managers why. Always use examples of why you master a skill and how you handled a certain situation.

Be polite, friendly, remember to smile, dress well and be clean. Have all the papers with you that might be needed! Also be on time and in fact come even 5-10 minutes early. It not a bad thing to be early!

Now let's look at those interview questions.

> What is your favourite song and please perform it to us now.

> How would you describe the colour blue to a blind person?

> What is 59 times 59? And please at the same time tell us about your hobbies.

> There is triangle and at each corner there is an ant (3 ants in total). What is the probability that when the ants start walking that they don't bump into each other?

> Explain the demand and supply curve.

> If London had to be evacuated in 3 hours, how would you do it?

> In how many ways could you use a pineapple?

> Please bring an item to the interview that best describes you.

> Please sell this pen to me.

> A train is full of chocolate bars, how would you empty it?

> You are stuck in a lift. What would you do?

> You own a chocolate shop but you have no chocolates left. What would you do?

> Convince me without saying anything in 30 seconds that you are the best candidate for this job.

> How many windows are there in Finland?

> Please give me a sales speach about our product but pretend I am only 7 years old.

> What weekday is your favourite and why?

> How many people in Finland use wheelchairs?

Questions or comments? Please discuss below.

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