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Numerical Reasoning Tests, or Numerical Aptitude Tests, as they are also known have been created to measure a persons ability to calculate and answer numerical problems.

There are various types of numerical reasoning tests and below are test questions covering most of them. Mathematical test questions are probably the most common that you will face and we have a large selection of numerical aptitude test questions that will prepare you for these.

These questions are designed to make you think yourself and not just rely on a calculator. Please try to solve the calculations always in your head or on paper and when really needed, bring out the calculator.

More tests will be added frequently so please be sure check this page again soon!

> Number Series

> Height & Distance

> Average

> Percentage

> Square Root

> Chain Rule

> Arithmetic Aptitude

> Simple Interest

> Numerical Reasoning

> Numerical Aptitude

> Probability

> Numerical Ability

> Compound Interest

> Multiplication Quiz

> Convert Metric Units

> Square and Cubic Conversion

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