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When applying for jobs or placements you might as well face a group interview situation. To prepare for the actual situation it is well worth reading through our group interview questions and prepare an answer for them. Preparation for interviews is crucial and will make or break your chances of getting a job. Below you will find a list of typical questions asked.

Just remember when you are answering the questions to be calm and relaxed. Think of it as an informal chat and they are just trying to get to know you. And you them.

You know you are the right candidate for them and now you just have to explain to the hiring managers why. Always use examples of why you master a skill and how you handled a certain situation.

Be polite, friendly, remember to smile, dress well and be clean. Have all the papers with you that might be needed! Also be on time and in fact come even 5-10 minutes early. It not a bad thing to be early!

Now let's look at those interview questions.

> What do you think made this team work successfully?

> If you had to choose someone from this group, who would you hire and why?

> What do you think your personal contribution was to the team's performance?

> Why did this team not accomplish the objective set?

> How do you think you dealt with the stress created by meeting the challenges set in this task?

> Do you think you added anything to the discussion or did you get an easy ride to this stage?

> Would you say you were leading the discussion or following more?

> You don't seem comfortable taking direcions from someone in the group, would you agree?

> Your team managed to do an outstanding job in finishing the task. Why do you think that happened?

> Your group only finished half the tasks but at the same time everyone did not participate. What could have been done diffrently you think?

Questions or comments? Please discuss below.

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