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A good way to approach this type of question is to use the following sentence: "A ______ could not exist without ______.". Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.


A. running
B. swimming
C. winning
D. speaking

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option C

Explanation: Without a first-place win, there is no champion, so winning is essential. There may be champions in running, swimming, or speaking, but there are also champions in many other areas.

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A. horse
B. seat
C. stirrups
D. horn

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option B

Explanation: A saddle is something one uses to sit on an animal, so it must have a seat (choice b). A saddle is often used on a horse (choice a), but it may be used on other animals. Stirrups (choice c) are often found on a saddle but may not be used. A horn (choice d) is found on Western saddles, but not English saddles, so it is not the essential element here.

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A. rounded
B. geodesic
C. governmental
D. coppery

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option A

Explanation: A dome is a large rounded roof or ceiling, so being rounded is essential to a dome. A geodesic dome (choice b) is only one type of dome. Some, but not all domes, have copper roofs (choice d). Domes are often found on government buildings (choice c), but domes exist in many other places.

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A. mountain
B. winter
C. prehistory
D. ice

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option D

Explanation: A glacier is a large mass of ice and cannot exist without it. A glacier can move down a mountain, but it can also move across a valley or a plain, which rules out choice a. Glaciers exist in all seasons, which rules out choice b. There are many glaciers in the world today, which rules out choice c.

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A. telephone
B. listing
C. computer
D. names

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option B

Explanation: A directory is a listing of names or things, so (choice b) is the essential element. A telephone (choice a) often has a directory associated with it, but it is not essential. A computer (choice c) uses a directory format to list files, but it is not required.Names (choice d) are often listed in a directory, but many other things are listed in directories, so this is not the essential element.

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