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Read the question carefully and choose the correct answer.


Nurse Kemp has worked more night shifts in a row than Nurse Rogers, who has worked five. Nurse Miller has worked fifteen night shifts in a row, more than Nurses Kemp and Rogers combined. Nurse Calvin has worked eight night shifts in a row, less than Nurse Kemp. How many night shifts in a row has Nurse Kemp worked?

A. eight
B. nine
C. ten
D. eleven

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option B


Nurse Kemp has worked more shifts in a row than Nurse Calvin; therefore, Kemp has worked more than eight shifts.

The number of Kemp's shifts plus the number of Rogers's shifts (five) cannot equal fifteen or more, the number of Miller's shifts.

Therefore, Kemp has worked nine shifts in a row (5 + 9 = 14).

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Children are in pursuit of a dog whose leash has broken. James is directly behind the dog. Ruby is behind James. Rachel is behind Ruby. Max is ahead of the dog walking down the street in the opposite direction. As the children and dog pass, Max turns around and joins the pursuit. He runs in behind Ruby. James runs faster and is alongside the dog on the left. Ruby runs faster and is alongside the dog on the right. Which child is directly behind the dog?

A. James
B. Ruby
C. Rachel
D. Max

Answer & Explanation:

Answer: Option D


After all the switches were made,Max is directly behind the dog, James is alongside the dog on the left, Ruby is alongside the dog on the right, and Rachel is behind Max.

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